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We do import documentation on your behalf as your customs broker from Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho (BNLS)
This involves the preparation of documents and the calculation of taxes, and facilitating communication between the importer/exporter/transporter and governmental authorities. 
You want to know that the complex customs process will be navigated with ease and speed on your behalf.
Cargo originating from the BLNS countries gets cleared on a SAD500 with the following Purpose Codes
Permanent Imports – A 12 00

  • All intra-SACU imports (meaning goods originating in one SACU member country and imported by another SACU member) are subject to payment of VAT at point of entry to the SACU country of import. No Customs duties, however, apply to intra-SACU imports for RSA Customs purposes commercial goods imported from the BLNS countries (on which 14% VAT is payable), is defined in the Rule 120A.04 of the Customs and Excise Act, and should be applied accordingly.

Temporary Imports – D 37 00

  • Were goods are imported on a temporary basis, the documents should be marked to the effect that the goods are entering on a “temporary” basis
  • A description must be inserted on the document as to the reason why the goods are entering on a temporary basis (for instance machinery for the use in a construction project, goods for exhibitions at a show, etc.) Goods destined for servicing, repairs or upgrading also fall in this category.
  • All details for full identification purposes, i.e. with serial numbers, marks etc. must be inserted on the document. It is important to keep a copy of the documents, bearing the RSA Customs stamp, as proof that the goods entered the country on a temporary basis.

Note: A VAT262 form, in conjunction with the SAD500 form must be completed by the importer in order for the supplier to zero-rate the services provided where goods are temporarily admitted into the RSA for the purposes of being repaired of serviced
Re-import after temporary export – I 78 76

  • Were goods are re-imported after a temporary export, all the original export documentation should be attached to the new bill of entry as supporting documents. No VAT will be payable on entry.

In – Transit B 22 00

  • In-transit movements occur when goods that originated in a SACU member country are moved in-transit through another SACU member country to a third country as final destination.
  • Acquittals will be calculated from the date Due clearance (bill of entry date as processed by Customs) were made. The rules within the Customs Act makes provision for a 30 day period from the Due clearance date of the bill of entry in which the Acquittal must be submitted to Customs (prove that goods have been duly taken out of the CCA)

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